Helping issuers understand, explore, and apply Security Tokens to improve their business.


What is a Security Token?

Security tokens are financial securities, like shares or equity in traditional assets, startups, venture funds and even real estate that have built in protections, rights, and triggers using a smart contract.


Security Tokens represent real assets like equity, cash, or revenue splits


Security Tokens follow securities law in order to be safe and trustworthy


Security Tokens leverage smart contracts to build in investor protections


Security Tokens can be agnostic to geography, demographics, and payment


Security Tokens can be traded on regulated exchanges to provide liquidity


Security Tokens can represent multiple assets and other tokens bundled together

We are security token

Security Token Advisors leverages decades of experience spanning across Fortune 500 companies, venture capital, equity crowdfunding and fintech to help companies, fund managers, and real estate owners understand and use Security Tokens.

How does STA

  1. Asset Tokenization
  2. STOs
  3. Securitization
  4. Custom
  1. Asset Tokenization

    STA specializes in creating efficiencies for asset management. The way security tokens are used can vary from asset type to client goals. Below are the asset classes and benefits we focus on:

    -Equity Tokenization
    -Debt Tokenization
    -Portfolio Tokenization
    -Real Estate Tokenization
    -Art Tokenization
    -Capitalization Table Management
    -Proxy-voting and Election Structure
    -Dividend Distributions and Debt Repayments
    -Employee Plans/ Vesting Schedules
    -LP Capital Management
  2. Security Token Offerings

    STA has standardized STO packages for issuers looking to conduct a security token offering. STA has packages to support all stages of the STO lifecycle:

    -STO 101 Overview Introduction
    -STO Token Structuring
    -Vendor Selection & Management
    -Fundraising Strategy Guidance
    -Liquidity Strategy Support
    -Investor Relations Preparation
  3. Tokenized Securitization

    STA helps clients construct versatile investment vehicles for issuers and asset managers to access traditional capital markets or new liquidity pools and take advantage of the following efficiencies from tokenization:

    -Global distribution of securities that trade 24/7
    -Liquidity solutions for traditional illiquid asset classes (Real Estate, Private Equity & Loans)
    -Cost-effective deployment of ETP's (Exchange traded products) for issuers and asset managers
  4. Custom Consultations

    STA provides custom services for more hands-on and unique engagement requests. STA offers help to clients with the following custom services:

    -Market Research Reports
    -Technical and Pilot Development
    -STO Market Landscape Review
    -Portfolio Tokenization Analysis
    -STO Advisory Practice Setup
    -Educational Workshops

Where we

We are passionate about Security Tokens disrupting the following industries:


From Startups to Fortune companies looking to leverage Security Tokens.

Fund Formation

Fund managers looking to create new VC, PE, and Real Estate funds or vehicles.

Real Estate and Hard Assets

Real Estate developers, asset managers, and investors looking to tokenize assets.

Special Financing and Lending

Lenders and Marketplaces looking to leverage smart contracts.

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